Board of Dentists of Spain

A perfect and aligned denture is our letter of introduction in a hedonistic society, but they come to demand colors that do not exist in nature, like the ‘white folio’, it becomes pathological Denta Seal Review,” warns Dr. ├ôscar Castro, stomatologist. and dentist, president of the Board of Dentists of Spain.

In addition, you have to know where the “limit” is and what are the dangers of trying to whiten excessively our teeth. If you have noticed that your teeth have darkened, you can try to recover their natural tone, but keep in mind that sometimes it is not necessary to resort to aggressive treatments.

External stains can be caused by certain bacteria (chromogenic), food pigments (Denta Seal Review), chlorhexidine from mouthwashes or tobacco. They are removed with regular tooth cleaning and brushing after each meal. They do not pose a real problem if hygienic habits are maintained.

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